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Save 40% of time given to repetitive manual work

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15 million

patients monthly visits


15 million

patients monthly visits


15 million

patients monthly visits


Scheduling visits self-serviced by patients

It takes around 5-7 minutes to book one visit over the phone. Why waste doctor’s, reception and patients time? Offer the convenience of booking online and let your patients book an appointment at any time from anywhere - without calling. Online booking reduces volume of calls - so time savings for you and your staff.

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Virtual reception answering your incoming calls

Even with Online Booking 24/7 enabled, still some patients will choose to call. So how to save time then? Activate TeleRegistration and you'll receive a unique phone number, that you can share with your patients. Our TeleRegistration team will answer 99% of all incoming calls, and add booked visits to your Agenda Online, so you and your team have more time for patient care.

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Reduce time for reminding and confirming visits

It takes around 1 minute to send a single reminder and even 3 minutes to call to remind or confirm the visit. Do you know how much wasted time does it mean monthly for you? Now you can recover this time - your Agenda Online will send automatically one reminder before the visit and confirmation mensages to your patients so they can confirm, cancel or reschedule a visit if needed.

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And other great features

Telemedicine visits with online payments

Not always face to face visits are possible (especially nowadays) and also not every problem requires it f.e. some followup visits or simply need a prescription. With Agenda Online you can enable video consultation, that...

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Customizable Electronic Healthcare Record

This is an obvious time saver and incredible comfort for doctors to have a full patient history in one place and be able to issue e-prescriptions and e-sick leaves and additional one is integration with the database of...

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Reporting center

Data-driven performance of your business accessible on click with our reporting center. Check easily all relevant data about the performance of your business with one click. Thanks to detailed reports you will see your...

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Chat communication with patients

How much does it take to you or your reception to handle all calls of patients that forgot drug dosing, were not sure what exams they should take or forgot to ask about something? With chat communication between...

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Patients waiting list

It takes sometimes even up to 20 minutes to find a patient for a slot that was suddenly cancelled. And sometimes with no success - means wasted time and lower income. Also, a long waiting for a visit is one of the...

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Invoicing and integration with Sistema Tessera Sanitaria

Billings related activities are another part that takes a lot of time. No way to avoid it 100%, but you can save time here as well! How? No matter if you need to print an invoice or issue an electronic one, you can now do it...

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Automated check-in

There is always a set of information that you’ve asked the patient (even COVID survey nowadays, but also f.e. insurance information or simply reason for consultation). How much time does it take with each single...

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Dedicated view for reception

We know that there are a lot of things to do or to keep an eye on in reception work, so we make it easier for you with a dedicated view. This to-do list gives you clarity on what is done and what requires your attention.

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